The Jack Reacher Fighting Style

jack reacher fighting styleKeysi has made quite a splash in Hollywood. First in the Dark Knight Movies and secondly, and I think more prominently in the Jack Reacher movie. Let’s take a closer look at the Dark Knight’s fighting style and the Jack Reacher’s fighting style.

Both movies show examples off the Keysi fighting style. The main benefits of Keysi are the ability to deal with multiple opponents and make use of your surroundings. As you’ll notice in both clips the fighting movements are quick and efficient. The point is NOT to spend much time with each opponent.

Let’s take a look at the Dark Knight fight scene below. It’s a pretty decent example of Keysi featuring elbow strikes and hammer fist attacks. Then we’ll take a look at the Jack Reacher fighting style which I believe is a much better example. But here’s Batman.

Now let’s take a look at the Jack Reacher fighting style. I feel this clip is much more representative of the ferocity and impact of the Keysi Fighting Method. The fight scene was choreographed by Robert Alonzo, a stunt man and fight coordinator. The scene pits Jack Reacher again several aggressive attackers. The Jack Reacher fighting style is a modified version of the Keysi Fighting Style. Below is a video of the entire fight scene.

As you can see in the video, Keysi is an excellent method for dealing with multiple opponents quickly and effectively. There are no wasted moves, no fancy kicks or complex grappling holds. The Jack Reacher fighting style is totally reactionary, but incredibly explosive.

In KFM, the fighter doesn’t try to anticipate his attacker’s move, but instead he reacts quickly and instinctively. The first goal is to protect his head BEFORE attacking. By doing this, the fighter can move in close. By using the elbows, he can simultaneously strike while protecting his head.

Instead of using traditional punches, Keysi fighters favor using hammer fists, knees, and elbows, as weapons. There are no high kicks. Low kicks and knees are much more powerful and effective technique. Remember, the fighter does not want to get tied up with any one opponent. Destroy and move on.

Although the Jack Reacher fighting style is primarily reactive, his movements are natural, instinctive and devastating.

In traditional Keysi, the fighter tends to cover up for maximum protection.Fort the movie, the filmmakers adapted the KFM style to make it look a little more “cool.” In other words… as movie viewers, we want to see Tom Cruise kick ass, not be all covered up.

In the Jack Reacher fight scene above we see Reacher take on five guys. Although it’s a movie, the scene depicts a street fight truth. He actually spells it out in the dialog. When fighting multiple opponents, what you’ll usually find is this: one guy is the leader. It’s that aggressive alpha male you need to take out first. He’ll usually have a best friend. That’s the guy you take out next. That leaves three. These are the guys that are less inclined to fight once their is down. Once you’ve succeeded in taking out the top two. You may only have one or two left to deal with.

As we see in both the Dark Knight and the Jack Reacher fighting style, there are no rules. It’s not a tournament. There are no points awarded. Street fights aren’t fair. You need to react and react quickly. Your movements need to become instinctual, economical and effective.

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